Thursday, January 18, 2007

First Sip--Jan. 18, 2007

The opening post of any wine blog needs to set the scene; who is the blogger and why should anyone (add "in their right mind") spend time reading his dribble? Frankly, I have a lot of wine and feel compelled to drink my way through it, an unavoidable hedonistic drive brought on by my love of vino. I drink wine daily, often both red and white, have a wide range of preferences and often mix it up with old and new world varietals and some unusual stuff. I read Parker, WS, Decanter, QRW and numerous blogs though I am not driven by points when I buy wines. I like a discount and a find as much as the other guy or gal but also spend decent dollars to get the good stuff. I do have a rating system but it's far simpler than most--Superb; Tasty/Quaffable (thanks Miles, great word); Good; OK; Swill. I plan to also discuss where I purchased the wine in question and explore the many relationships, mostly commercial, that I have with all sorts of wineries, wine retailers and wholesalers. Anyway, let the fun begin!

Cheers, Barrld


Sonadora said...

Hey Barrld-

Welcome to the world of wine bloggers! I think you may be the first one I've seen who admits to having that many bottles of wine stashed away (1,000, really?). And I thought I was bad with my 200 or so!


Barrld said...

Thanks, Sonadora. Stashed is the right word: I have wine in shelves, racks, shippers, wooden boxes, on the floor, on the counter, in the fridge, everywhere! All the more reason to drink regularly I guess.

Cheers, Barrld

tomsyl22 said...

Congrats on your new blog - what a great was to start the new year!

Please help us sort through the confusing number of West Coast wineries that have junped on the viognier bandwagon. I know it's a delicate, low-yield grape, but I seem to have run across more insipid duds with this varietal than with any other. I'd also like your thoughts on killer viogniers you may have encountered from the Northwest, including any reserves from McCrea-owned vinyards you might have tasted. Thanks!

Barrld said...

Thanks tomsyl22, I'm on the Viognier hunt as we speak/blog. I too have run across insipid, near Kool-Aide versions and find many from Santa Barbara and Paso Robles Counties to be almost undrinkable after the first half glass, which spells instant cooking wine for me. Keep your eye out for a taasting or two in the near future.

Cheers, Barrld