Monday, February 26, 2007

Rhone Ranger in White

I'm not sure about the organic wine thing. While it seems self evident that something organic is better for me, I'm not eating grapes here but drinking wine. All things being equal I will always opt for a quality over marketing ploys or similar gimmicks. When organics and quality wine merge, well that's a no brainer.

This brings me to Bonterra Vineyards in Ukiah up in Mendocino County heading north in California. Bonterra states its commitment to organic grape farming and gives a fairly detailed rendition of what that entails. The winery is one of the few that has the certified organic farming seal of approval there for all to see on its website. I recall having one of its reds before, which I'm sure I consumed without offense, but I landed at Bonterra searching for whites, esp. Rhone varietals after Eric Asimow of the NYT mentioned the winery and its white Rhones in one of his blogs a couple of months back.

The wine is the Bonterra Vineyards 2004 Rhone Varietal Blend, Mendocino. The wine clocks in at 14.4% alcohol and is 58% Marsanne, 28% Rousanne and 14% Viognier (who comes up with these numbers??). I bought three bottles off the website at $20 per though I suspect that larger volumes afford some discounts.

Citrus and white flowers on the nose, min and honeysuckle mid-palate. Juicy and viscous. Lychee and cherry blossoms on the finish. Refreshing and well made. Who knows how this would taste if it wasn't organic.

Rating: Very good, quaffable.

Cheers, Barrld


Sue said...

I am not sure it's evident at all that organic is better for you. I certainly have been unimpressed with the few organic wines I have tasted in recent years. though I am sure it's not mutually exclusive to be well made and organic... I am surprised you found one you liked.

Barrld said...

Hey Sue, I think it's a lot of voodoo, though Zind Humbrecht and a lot of Alsatians claim to be both organic and biodynamic, which is even nuttier. Can't question the quality of the ZH wines however.

Sue said...

Biodynamic really cracks me up... I guess I am too much of a scientist...... Though wine tasting is some science, and some voodoo... or was that doodoo?

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